Marigold Brunch and Dinner are ON this weekend!

Marigold Brunch and Dinner are ON this weekend!
Friday through Sunday is Marigold Drive-Thru: Brunch! We're open 9-14.

Marigold Brunch On-The-Go

Swing by and grab some of your favorite Marigold brunch classics, like
  • avocado on rye (€8)
  • buttermilk pancakes with butter and organic maple syrup (€7,50)
  • local, organic yogurt with Marigold granola and apple compote (€7,50)
  • grilled cheese with prosciutto (€9)

    Order your Marigold brunch in advance for pick-up Friday, Saturday or Sunday or just swing by!


    Each week we'll come out with new Weekly Specials, too! This week we're debuting our Marigold breakfast burrito (€13), the perfect brunch-to-go companion. Domenico's house-made wrap is stuffed with so much goodness, like

    • brown rice and beans
    • freshly grated tomato salsa with anise, chili, lemon juice and coriander seeds
    • fresh greens, like chard
    • scrambled eggs
    • avocado
    • puzzone and fontina cheeses
    • sausage (optional)
    • crème fraîche
    • cucumber and red onion
    • fresh coriander (optional)

      Order your breakfast burrito in advance for pick-up Friday, Saturday or Sunday or just swing by!

        The taste testing was approved!
        Other Weekly Specials include a tasty Miso Soup with seasonal greens (€8) (easy to take home or drink on-the-go straight from the cup!) and Domenico's scotch egg (€8), an organic hard boiled egg encased in sausage and beef before its breaded and fried. Served with a house-made sauce for dipping.

        While you're here, take dinner home

        Bring dignity back to take-away dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each week Domenico will design a new 3-course dinner menu for 2 (€95) to enjoy a sophisticated meal that's simple to finish at home. The meal comes with slices of Marigold sourdough bread and butter, and a bottle of wine.

        Dinner Bag | 22-24 January


        // fresh Pasta

        Domenico's pappardelle (260g) with black kale pesto

        // main

        braised organic beef from Il Poggio in Tuscany with braised pak choi and grilled leaks

        // main: vegetarian option
        chickpea stew, grilled cabbage, fresh coriander

        // dessert

        gateau marcel with vanilla poached kumquats


        *Preparation instructions for all dishes will be included online


        / wine

        2018 i vini del monaco "monaco rosso" umbria (sangiovese, ciliegiolo, aleatico) 13%

        Order your Dinner Bag with brunch in advance for pick-up Friday, Saturday or Sunday or just swing by!

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        Introducing: Marigold Drive-Thru

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