Marigold Easter Lunch Menu

Marigold Easter Lunch Menu

inspired by spring vegetables, tuscan lamb, and flavors of the mediterranean



The Easter table celebrates the changing season as this time of year ushers in warmer temperatures. Our Easter lunch menu pays homage to the fresh spring vegetables just coming into season now, as well as the vibrant herbs and rich spices that play a central role in the cuisines of the countries that line the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.



In true Marigold fashion, the celebration starts with a glass of bubbles and some of our tasty bar nuts. It's not a special occasion without them.



For the starter, we wanted the first bites to take you through a spring garden, with roasted spring carrots and vibrant green fava beans. Domenico blanches crisp spears of asparagus, lightly pickles-then-grills artichokes, and adds tart needles of Monk's beard before mixing it all together with a mix of toasted seeds that add a rich nuttiness. House-made créme fraîche is provided on the side to lightly toss with the starter to finish it, together with Domenico's foraged garlic flowers and purple borage flowers. Enjoy with Marigold sourdough bread and house-made butter, included in the menu.



For those who ordered the lamb last year will recall the succulent, slow-braised lambs raised by our friends at Il Poggio in the val d'orcia. This year Domenico is kicking the flavor up a notch with a flurry of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices and herbs, like coriander seeds and cumin, paprika, mint and parsley. He brings sweetness and acidity through orange and lemon zest and juice, and cooks everything together for hours to achieve his signature melt-in-your mouth texture.

The lamb is served with a special rice pilaf, made using Italian Baldo rice that's lightly spiced and cooked with lemon peels. Domenico adds fresh spring peas and crunchy Sicilian almonds for texture, and caramelized onions and mint for flavor. The pilaf is finished with a grating of lemon zest and a few chops of fresh parsley.



The Easter spanakopita  - which debuted last year - is also updated for this year. A hearty filling of chard and kale, crispy celery and sweet caramelized onions is wrapped up in flaky phyllo dough and baked until golden brown. The dish is served with a shaved celery root salad, lightly salted to enhance the flavor of the vegetable, and tossed with chopped apple and raisins, with a simple bio-dynamic yogurt sauce provided on the side.



Sofie's lemon cream tarts were such a hit last year we've brought them back again. Sofie transforms magnificent Sicilian lemons into a delicate lemon cream filling, cradled in a buttery sweet pastry and decorated with elegant red three-leaf clovers picked from Sofie and Domenico's terrace garden.



As the second year we celebrate Easter under such unique conditions, we hope that our menu will bring some added delight to your home and an extra special reason for the family to gather together. We encourage you to take the day slow, spend quality time with those you can, and savor the moments together - whether physically or virtually.

To extend the experience just a little longer, as a sweet treat later in the afternoon - or for breakfast the next morning - we've included one of Sofie's hot cross buns for each person. A sweet salute to the holiday we can share together.

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