Introducing: Marigold Drive-Thru

Introducing: Marigold Drive-Thru

These days, a restaurant is only as good as its take-away. For the next few weeks, our next pivot introduces the Marigold Drive-Thru on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-14.

Pass by with your car or bike (or on foot) to get Marigold brunch-to-go, not only including your favorites like avocado on rye, grilled cheese, and buttermilk pancakes but also any of our weekly specials. The full Marigold pantry will also be available so you can stay stocked with Marigold bread, sweets, treats and cakes, beer and wine all weekend long.

Also! We're making dinner easy, too. While you're here for breakfast and brunch, why not grab dinner for later? Each week we'll put together a new, sophisticated 3-course dinner menu for 2 to finish at home, paired with a bottle of Italian natural wine, Marigold sourdough bread and butter. 

see the full Drive-Thru debut* menu below:

*menu changes weekly, see the menus page for the current Drive-Thru menu.



avocado on rye / 8 (+ poached egg / 2)

granola & yogurt, served with apple compote / 7,5

grilled cheese, with prosciutto on sourdough / 9

buttermilk pancakes, with maple syrup and Marigold butter / 7,5 (+ seasonal fruit / 2,5)


Weekly Specials

breakfast burrito / 13

miso soup with greens / 8

scotch egg / 8


Value Menu

breakfast bag / 5

  • choice of coffee
  • choice of pastry

brunch bag / 18

  • choice of coffee, lemonade or apple juice
  • breakfast burrito
  • choice of cake


dinner bag / 95 for 2

3-course dinner menu to finish at home + a bottle of Italian natural wine, Marigold sourdough bread and butter

  • Domenico's fresh pappardelle pasta (260g) with black kale pesto
  • braised organic beef with seasonal vegetables
    vegetarian option: chickpea stew, grilled cabbage, & fresh coriander
  • gateau marcel with vanilla poached kumquats


Super-Size your Order

sourdough / 7,5

rye bread / from 7

butter 100g / 4,5

pastries / from 2,5

cakes / from 5

cookies / 7,5

italian craft beer / from 7

italian natural wine / from 24

>> see all the options to super-size your order

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Introducing: Marigold Pantry

Introducing: Marigold Pantry

Brunch at Marigold

Brunch at Marigold

Marigold Brunch and Dinner are ON this weekend!

Marigold Brunch and Dinner are ON this weekend!


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