Introducing: Marigold Pantry

Introducing: Marigold Pantry

Stop by for coffee and pastries and keep your home stocked during the week with our Marigold Pantry.

Starting January 19, 2021, pass by the restaurant at Via Giovanni da Empoli 37 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9-14 to get lunch to take-away with our weekly lunch special, and while you're here collect your favorite daily essentials and food for the soul.

*Pre-ordering is not necessary, but you may schedule your pick-up starting Monday, January 18. 

See the full menu below:



weekly lunch special

take-away lunch / 15

choice of lemonade or apple juice

grilled cheese with prosciutto
- or -
avocado and fried egg sandwich on rye

choice of carrot cake or chocolate sheet cake

bread & butter

sourdough / 7,5

sourdough buns / 2

classic rye / 7

seedy rye / 8

Marigold butter 100g / 4,5



cinnamon swirl / 2,5

morning bun / 3

orange chocolate roll / 3



carrot cake / 5

banana bread / 5

chocolate cheesecake / 5

lemon orange cake / 5

almond ricotta cake / 5



chocolate chip cookies / 7,5

chocolate rye cookies / 7,5

ginger snaps / 7

shortbread dulce de leche / 10


jarred things

citrus marmalade / 9

pickled cauliflower / 7,5

pickled beetroots / 7,5


craft beer & italian natural wine

see our selection of beer and wine on the menus page

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