Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 16.07 - 19.07

Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 16.07 - 19.07

Last week's menu was a hit with y' we're doing it (nearly) all again this week! The soup - our Ajo Blanco (chilled almond soup) - is staying, as is Domenico's Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Crudaiola, arguably the ideal pasta dish for hot summer days.

New this week is Domenico's summer-approved Grilled Octopus with radishes and potatoes and blended green tomatoes. This week's sandwich is packed with beef bollito, salsa verde, veggies and horseradish aioli. Also the Marigold Greek Salad is making a comeback this week, featuring the season's best tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery with feta and olive tapenade. 

Sofie is keeping the bakery busy with the usual spread of cakes and pastries plus frangipane tarts with grilled peaches and raspberries. And for those who are planning to dine-in, enjoy one of Sofie's ice cream sandwiches, this week made with salted caramel ice cream.


Burgers + Beats is on again this Wednesday! Join the Marigold fam for the newest best damn burger in town and this week's guest DJ, DJ Marco Folco! Same great burgers, fries, beer, cocktails and wine, and ice cream sandwiches! So see you this Wednesday, July 15 from 18.30 - 21.30! 

*No reservations, so get here early to grab your table!


What's [turning heads] on the Menu this week


:: sandwich of the day


// 12.5

Beef Bollito with Salsa Verde, Fresh Onions and Tomatoes, Pickled Cucumbers, and Aioli with Horseradish

Pack a few of these sandwiches for the car ride out of town or as a workday lunch treat.

Domenico cuts thin slices of his beef bollito (a simple way to prepare beef, slowly boiled with fresh vegetables, leaving the beef tender and juicy) and layers them with fresh onions and tomatoes and pickled cucumbers. Over this he spoons over his famous salsa verde and stacks the sandwich on slices of Marigold sourdough bread, dressed with his horseradish aioli.

*As always, the sandwich is served with a side bitter leaf salad and French vinaigrette. 


:: soup of the day


// 10.5

Ajo Blanco - Chilled Almond Soup with Pickled Grapes and Herb Oil

We're keeping the ajo blanco on the menu another week as an encore presentation. Seriously, feedback was so beaming for this soup, it would be a pity to replace it with something else. 

Ajo blanco is a chilled almond soup from southern Spain. Garlic and bread are blended into the soup to give it some bite and body, and then topped with pickled grapes and a housemade herb oil. The soup was created for hot summer days to provide refreshing sustenance - perfect for a workday lunch or early supper al fresco.


// 12

Braised Beetroots, Grilled Cabbage, Fresh Herbs, Aioli

Satisfying as a vegetable side or vegetarian main, Domenico combines braised summer beetroots with large pieces of grilled cabbage, which he simply dresses with a refreshing, liquid aioli and fresh, aromatic herbs. The aioli and herbs complement the intense flavors of the beetroots and cabbage without overpowering or making the dish heavy.


// 12

Marigold Greek Salad with Olive Tapenade

Our greek salad brings together all those fresh summer-on-the-mediterranean flavors that everyone loves: juicy tomato, crisp cucumber and celery, and briny feta. This week Domenico is adding some of his olive tapenade. It's a great salad to beat the heat and travels well, so if you're heading out of town for the weekend grab some to take with you!



// 13

Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Crudaiola

For the first time ever we're keeping the fresh pasta the same this week. The kitchen sent out so many portions of the pasta last week we decided to give the crudaiola another week.

It really is the best summer pasta ever: raw tomatoes, peppers and basil dress a plate of Domenico's acqua + farina (eggless)  spaghetti alla chitarra. The pasta makes the most perfect satisfying and guilt-less lunch or dinner for the week or weekend. 

If you order the pasta for home delivery on Thursday or Friday but choose to enjoy it Saturday or Sunday, no issue! Simply keep the pasta in fridge - it'll keep for a few days in there.

*fresh pasta to finish at home 


// 15.5

Grilled Octopus, Green Tomatoes, Radish, Potatoes 

Domenico's Polpo is back! This simple octopus salad is made up of grilled tentacles, combined with raw radishes and cooked potatoes. The green tomatoes are blended with garlic and fresh herbs and poured over the other components of the dish.

The vegetables are served at room temperature while the octopus is grilled to order, so the dish isn't too to enjoy for lunch in the dining room. If you prefer to place a delivery order and have it for dinner Thursday or Friday, you can be kept in the fridge and enjoy the whole dish chilled.


** don't forget! You can always order Domenico's hummus (made from fresh chickpeas and tahini) and babaganoush (made from roasted eggplants) for delivery and take away. They make the best spreads for lunches, aperitivo and entertaining!



If you're heading out of town, shop the Marigold Pantry for the essentials like loaves of bread, Marigold butter, granola, cookies, pastries and cakes, beer and wine.

>>> Stock the Summer House


:: sweet dreams are made of this



// 6.5

Frangipane Tart with Grilled Peaches and Raspberries

Sofie's perfect frangipane tarts are back this week, made from organic Sicilian almonds and topped with grilled peaches and raspberries. The tart is served with housemade créme fraîche. 


// 6.5

Ice Cream Sandwich

If you haven't tried Sofie's ice cream sandwiches, you're sorely missing out. This week she's made salted caramel ice cream that gets packed between two of her chocolate chip cookies. You'll be hard pressed to find a better ice cream sandwich in Rome (or anywhere else!)

*Not available for delivery



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