Anatomy of a Burger

Anatomy of a Burger

Burgers & Beats has been cancelled!

The last Wednesday Burger Pop-Up was July 7, 2021. Read more about the end of Burgers & Beats in our note on Scratch Paper.


Burgers + Beats (it's back!)

Join us every other Wednesday 18.30 - 22 starting 16 September 2020 for Burgers + Beats, our pop-up burger joint. We serve only awesome burgers (veggie burger available) served with crispy potato fries, ice cream sandwiches, beer, wine and cocktails - all to fresh beats by a different DJ every week.

*The menu may vary slightly week to week


This week Rome-based DJ Luca Quartarone is coming back to re-open B+B
Serving different sounds & music from a parallel world.


burgers + fries

Marigold burger  served with hand cut fries  // 16

Marigold veggie burger  served with hand cut fries  // 16

+ add cheese  // 2.5

+ add bacon  // 3

+ extra order of fries  // 5.5



ice cream sandwich cookie dough ice cream between dark syrup snap cookies  // 6.5

cup of ice cream  brown bread ice cream  // 5.5


drinks + bar nuts

Marigold bar nuts  // 4.5


Marigold spritz  // 7.5

americano  // 8

negroni  // 9

gin + tonic  // 9


van hops (rebels brewery)  hoppy belgian ale 4.5% 400ml  // 7

when all this is over (rebels brewery)  topaz i.p.a. 7% 400ml  // 7

serial tripel  8% 400ml  // 7


housemade ice tea  // 4.5

housemade lemonade (lemon, ginger, thyme)  // 4.5


cola  // 5

chinotto  // 5

cedrata  // 5

gazzosa  // 5


Burgers + Beats 1 July 2020 with DJ Elvis Del Mar (credit: Annie Ojile)

What makes a good burger?

Ingredients! Ingredients! Ingredients! Simple as that.

meat burger

For our meat burger, we use 100% organic beef with high fat content from Il Poggio, our friends in Val d'Orcia. Domenico grounds the beef himself and forms the patties before grilling them to order. By default burgers are cooked medium (slightly pink, approximately 140°F/60C° internal temperature)


veggie burger

The recipe for our veggie burger may vary week to week, but don't expect any quinoa or bean paste patty. In place of the meat Domenico grills and marinates mushrooms like cardoncelli or shiitake, adds fried eggplant and lightly pickled or tempura pioppini mushrooms. The veggie burger is anything but an afterthought, filled with a mix of flavors and textures. 


toppings and housemade sauces

Both burgers are topped with the same fresh, classic veggies: lettuce, tomato and raw red onion. Domenico also pickles slices of cucumbers Wednesday morning for the burgers. Of course, you're welcome to personalize your burger by removing any of these toppings to your preference. Domenico spreads his housemade ketchup on one side of the bun, and on the other he slathers on a mustard mayonnaise (housemade mayo + creamy dijon mustard).



The burgers sit on fluffy housemade brioche buns, proofed for 72 hours, topped with sesame seeds and baked Wednesday afternoon. 



What's a burger without a side of fries?

Much of Wednesday morning is spent cleaning and cutting 20-30kg of locally sourced, high starch potatoes. The hand cut fries then sit in a water bath for several hours before they're par-fried. The fries are then fried again to order to make sure they arrive hot and crunchy with your burger.

The fries are served with two housemade sauces: a special housemade ketchup and a mustard mayonnaise (housemade mayo + mustard seeds, a different variation from the mustard mayo that's spread on the bun).




You'll be hard-pressed to find a better ice cream sandwich in Rome, or anywhere else for that matter! Sofie churns up a new flavor every week or so and sandwiches the ice cream between two of her delectable cookies. Past flavors have included strawberry ice cream, salted caramel, and raspberry ripple between chocolate chip cookies as well as cookie dough ice cream between dark syrup snap cookies.



We hope to see you every other Wednesday night (starting 16 September), from 18.30 - 22 for Burgers + Beats! 

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