Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 23.07 - 24.07

Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 23.07 - 24.07

We're heading all over the place for this week's menu. We're bringing the far east home for the sandwich (porchetta, kimchi, pickled cucumbers), we're visiting yemen for a revisited zhug-inspired sauce that dresses this week's chicken salad, and heading to spain for the soup of the day. As always, it's an international smörgåsbord of options to keep your summer running right.

This past Monday we took a family trip to the sea and caught rays on the beach at Marina di San Nicola in Ladispoli. Domenico foraged some wild sea fennel growing along the rocks, which he'll add to the grilled octopus this week. Wild sea fennel is a succulent that has an intense salty, peppery, spicy flavor. He'll cook it before adding it to the octopus, which softens the flavor and renders it similar to asparagus.


We're still offering delivery Thursday and Friday during our lunch hours and pick-up for Marigold Pantry items (breads, cakes and pastries, jarred things, beer and wine) every day. 

We hope to see you for this week's Burgers + Beats on Wednesday (learn more about Burgers + Beats, our weekly burger night pop-up, here) and if you're heading out of town, remember you can order all the essentials from the Marigold Pantry for pick-up every day!



:: the summer's best seats are at burgers + beats

For this week's Burgers + Beats we've invited DJ Elvis del Mar back to spin his vinyls and bring the same great vibes as a few weeks ago! Sofie is also switching up the ice cream sandwich; this week they're made with the most incredible cookie dough ice cream scooped between two dark syrup snap cookies. They are not to be missed!

Come for the best damn burgers and stay for the mid-week summer fantasy! See you this Wednesday, July 22 from 18.30 - 21.30!  *Remember, no reservations, so get here early to grab your table!


What's [turning heads] on the Menu this week


:: sandwich of the day


// 12.5

Domenico's Porchetta, House-Made Kimchi, Pickled Cucumbers


There's just something about summer that makes the porchetta taste better. This week's sandwich is featuring everybody's favorite slow-roasted pork shoulder filled with fresh herbs.

Domenico's famous porchetta starts with organic pork from our friends at Il Poggio in Tuscany that he seasons with loads of fresh herbs and seasoning, rolls up and trusses. It's roasted for hours in the oven at a low temperature, leaving the meat juicy and bursting with flavor from the herbs, while the skin is left crispy and delicious.

Thick slices of porchetta are piled on Marigold sourdough bread. Domenico adds his own kimchi, inspired by the Korean recipe of salted and fermented cabbage but less spicy and intensely fermented, and his own pickled cucumbers. The savory, briny-ness of the vegetables cut and soften the flavor of the porchetta for a sophisticated sandwich experience!

*As always, the sandwich is served with a side bitter leaf salad and French vinaigrette. 



:: soup of the day


// 10.5

Soup of the Day - Gazpacho


We received rave reviews for our gazpacho, the classic Spanish chilled soup made from fresh tomatoes, the last time we had it on the menu. It's a filling, satisfying soup that's perfect for these hot days. Marigold sourdough is already blended in the soup which gives it it's body, and fresh herbs and good olive oil give it the addictive quality. If you didn't try it last time, now's your chance!

If you're planning a summer barbecue or heading out of town this weekend, consider a few cups of this soup. It's a real crowd-pleaser for kids and adults alike!



// 14.5

Chicken Salad

Our chicken salad is back! The hero of the dish is the pan fried, organic chicken from Il Poggio, this time accompanied by marinated eggplant and Marigold zhug sauce. Inspired by a traditional Yemeni recipe, Domenico's zhug sauce is made from fresh coriander that's finely chopped with carraway seeds and garlic, seasoned with cardamom and chili, and emulsified with good olive oil to make it into a paste. 

Our chicken salad has always made for the ideal work lunch or keep it for a light dinner.  




// 13.5

Burrata, Char-Grilled Peppers, Pickled Artichokes, Mint

The burrata this week is a real summer palatte: Domenico's combining the burrata's creaminess with the smokiness of char-grilled peppers, the acidity of his house-made pickled artichokes, and the freshness of raw mint. Make sure to enjoy with a few thick slices of Sofie's sourdough bread to sop up all the flavor!


// 12

Braised Beetroots, Grilled Peaches, Smoked Cheese, Salsa Verde

This week Domenico's braised summer beetroots are coming with grilled peaches - a surprisingly delightful combination - his house-made smoked cheese, dressed in his salsa verde (salsa verde, capers, red onion, good olive oil). It makes a great vegetarian starter or even by itself as a light lunch.


// 12

Green Beans, New Potatoes, Horseradish, Fresh Tomatoes

Another Marigold original: crisp green beans with new potatoes, dressed with horseradish and fresh tomatoes. Each ingredient plays its important role for flavor and texture, and a welcome break for vegetarians from the traditional vegetable salad or sides available everywhere else. The horseradish adds a necessary bite to the dish while the acid in the tomatoes provides a freshness to exalt the green beans and new potatoes.




// 13

Tagliatelle, Zucchini, Bottarga

Domenico is making tagliatelle this week, a pasta that's similar to fettucine but just a hair narrower. He's dressing the fresh pasta with thin slices of zucchini that are pan fried with garlic and mint, then finished with a substantial grating of bottarga. 

*fresh pasta to finish at home 


// 15.5

Grilled Octopus, Green Tomatoes, Radish, Potatoes 

 *with foraged sea fennel Domenico picked on Monday from Marina di San Nicola in Ladispoli

Domenico's grilled octopus is staying put for another week, since it turned out to be such a hit both for home delivery through #MarigoldAtHome and in the dining room for lunch. The potatoes and radishes provide a base before he blends the green tomatoes into a velvety sauce that we pours over them. He then carefully places the grilled octopus over the rest for a dish that's as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to devour.

The ingredients are packed separately so if you order it for home delivery or pick up on Thursday or Friday, you can easily enjoy it for lunch or dinner!


** don't forget! You can always order Domenico's hummus (made from fresh chickpeas and tahini) and babaganoush (made from roasted eggplants) for delivery and take away. They make the best spreads for lunches, aperitivo and entertaining!



If you're heading out of town, shop the Marigold Pantry for the essentials like loaves of bread, Marigold butter, granola, cookies, pastries and cakes, beer and wine.

>>> Stock the Summer House


:: sweet dreams are made of this


// 6.5

Plum Crumble Tart

The plum crumble tart is having another moment this week after Sofie was able to get several beautiful and juicy plums. The tarts are made in her own delicately buttery tart shells and topped with an addictive rye crumble before they're baked. The tarts are served with house-made créme fraîche that binds the sweet, buttery, and tart flavors together.



// 6.5

Ice Cream Sandwich*

This week Sofie is switching up the ice cream sandwich that debuts each week on Wednesday during Burgers + Beats. She's swapping out the chocolate chip cookie for a soft, dark syrup sugar cookie and packing it with cookie dough ice cream (another Marigold first!). The flavor combination is pretty insane, so try it out during B+B this Wednesday, or during the week in the dining room (as long as they last!)

*Not available for delivery



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