Marigold Thanksgiving Pantry

Marigold Thanksgiving Pantry

Next Thursday, 26 November, 2020 is Thanksgiving. Sure, it's an American holiday, but do you really need an excuse to dedicate a day (or a week, or a month) to celebrating what you're thankful for? 

A new Marigold regular? Sofie is baking up these maple pecan financier especially for your Thanksgiving holiday at home.


Celebrating Thanksgiving in Rome?

For those of our friends who are celebrating with a turkey feast at home, we can be there in spirit.

We've set up a special Thanksgiving Pantry - loaded with snacks to enjoy while you cook, essentials like Marigold bread, butter and green leaf salad (of course with our famous French vinaigrette!) and lots of autumn-inspired sweets.

Order a loaf or two of Marigold sourdough bread or buns to enjoy with your turkey feast. And don't forget the Marigold kefir-cultured butter!

We're also launching our wine bundles, curated selections of our Italian natural wines that tell a delicious story.

Our new wine bundles feature a curated selection of Italian natural wines that tell a delicious story! 

Delivery & Pick-Up Available

We're offering an extra day of delivery for Thanksgiving Pantry items on Wednesday, 25 November between 17-19. Or you can arrange to pick-up during this time (there's a €50 minimum order for delivery).


Pre-order Sofie's spiced pumpkin brûlée tart topped with crystallized sage.

You can also reserve to pick-up your order between 10-12 on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, 26 November.


Chocolate tart made with Valhrona chocolate and topped with fluffy, smooth meringue.

Pre-Order your tarts!

The spiced pumpkin brûlée tart and chocolate meringue tart are available for pre-order only! You must place your order before 9pm on Monday, 23 November. After this time they'll be removed from the pantry.

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