Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 2.07 - 5.07

Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 2.07 - 5.07

This week - and for the next six weeks before we take a break for summer holiday - we're "combining" lunch and dinner into a single Menu. We're now offering delivery + pick-up Thursday - Sunday between 12-15 *only.

But don't fret, for dinner we've still got you covered! All dishes on our menu have been designed to be just as delicious as soon as they arrive or a few hours later for dinner, like the veal, corallo beans and beetroots, or our Marigold spanakopita.  The fresh pasta this week, Domenico's fresh pappardelle, are the perfect summer lunch or dinner treat.


Join us this Wednesday, June 1 for the 2nd #BurgersandBeats from 18.30 - 21.30.

This week DJ Elvis Del Mar is throwing fresh beats to go with your burger, fries, and summer vibes. Also Sofie is making her ice cream sandwiches with raspberry ripple ice cream! So come one, come all to this summer's best burger pop-up in Rome!


What's [turning heads] on the Menu this week


:: sandwich of the day


// 12

Roast Beef, Confit Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, Arugula 

Our classic roast beef sandwich packs perfectly for picnics or road trips, but it's also classy enough for your dining room.

The sandwich is loaded with braised organic beef from Tuscany, juicy confit tomatoes, sweet caramelized onions, and spicy arugula between two thick slices of Marigold sourdough. Served with a bitter green leaf salad on the side.


:: soup of the day


// 10

Pappa al Pomodoro

So good we kept it on the menu again! Forget everything you thought you knew about classic Italian pappa al pomodoro.

Domenico crushes fresh tomatoes into a rustic sauce with olive oil and garlic. He adds some Marigold sourdough bread to give the soup some texture and garnishes with an extra drizzle of good olive oil and seasonal greens. For hot days, we serve the soup at room temperature, but it can also be served hot.


// 12

Roasted Carrots, Grilled Cabbage, Housemade Buttermilk, Za'atar

Switch things up with a satisfying vegetable dish of roast carrots and grilled cabbage. The plate is dressed with some of our rich housemade buttermilk, a byproduct of our butter production, and za'atar, a mixture of dried herbs and toasted sesame seeds.



// 13

Fresh Pappardelle with Pesto alla Trapanese

This week's fresh pasta is Domenico's classic pappardelle. Thick ribbons of pasta all'uovo with fresh herbs, like marjoram and thyme, from his urban garden in Monteverde.

He's serving the pasta with one of his favorite sauces, pesto alla trapanese, made with fresh tomatoes and peppers, basil, almonds, and ricotta salata. Enjoy al fresco for the full summer experience!

*fresh pasta to finish at home


// 14

Marigold Spanakopita

We introduced the Marigold Spanikopita as part of our Easter Menu, and all of its variations have become a fast favorite.

This week Domenico is filling the phyllo dough with chard, feta, and walnuts. The guilt-free savory tart can be reheated in the oven for a few minutes or enjoyed at room temperature. Served with a side bitter green leaf salad.


// 13.5

Veal, Corallo Beans, Beetroots, Salsa Verde 

Amp up your work lunch or picnic spread with this meat-based salad enjoyed at room temperature.

Slow-cooked organic veal from Tuscany is tender and juicy, contrasting the crisp corallo beans and velvety summer beet roots. Domenico finishes the dish with his salsa verde, made with parsley and capers, red onion and good olive oil.


** don't forget! You can always order Domenico's hummus and babaganoush for delivery and take away. They make the best spreads for lunches, aperitivo and entertaining!



If you're heading out of town, shop the Marigold Pantry for the essentials like loaves of bread, Marigold butter, granola, cookies, pastries and cakes, beer and wine.

>>> Stock the Summer House


:: sweet dreams are made of this


// 6.5

Plum Crumble Tart

The perfect summer tart does exist! Sofie fills her tart shells with the summer's juiciest plums and covers them in rye crumble, served with a dollop of housemade créme fraîche.


// 6.5

Marigold Summer Berry Cake

What's better than a beautiful sponge cake chock full of summer berries and citrus? It's the kind of cake that immediately transports you outdoors, regardless of where you enjoy it.


// 8

Marigold Oreos

Marigold oreos are back! Chocolate cookie made with Valrhona chocolate and cacoa and filled with a delectable vanilla buttercream.



Looking for the perfect gift?


Take a gander at our Corner Shop for Marigold ceramics, one-of-a-kind cutting boards and other handmade wooden objects by our friends at ArtBrugi in Tuscany, a selection of books, aprons, napkins, and home decorations.

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