Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 06.08 - 09.08

Eat With Your Eyes | Menu Highlights 06.08 - 09.08

You remember the thrill of the last week of school before summer vacation? All that anticipation leading up to your holiday. That's kind of what it feels like these days since we'll be taking a break and closing the restaurant from August 10 - September 4.

So you'll probably notice that this week's menu looks quite familiar. 

When we close the restaurant, we stacchiamo la spina (unplug) in more ways than one. Besides our own digital detox and return to nature, even more importantly, we empty the whole restaurant, clear out the pantry and turn off the fridges. For this reason, we're keeping the menu the same to help us manage the remaining inventory and use up whatever is left. 

Fortunately last week's menu was a stunner: full of summer vegetarian dishes, pan fried organic chicken and roasted organic beef, and the veggie bowl is back in a summer edition! 

If you missed out on it before, take a look below to learn more about what's coming out of the kitchen and micro-bakery this week.

Did you hear there's no more delivery?

Unfortunately, it's true! Why? The last few weeks has seen our dining room busier and busier. We're not complaining, of course, but it's required "all hands on deck" to make sure we offer the superior level of service and the kind of experience you've come to expect from us. We won't compromise that. So for now, we're offering pick-up only (with no minimum order) Thursday - Sunday.

This doesn't necessarily mean the end of delivery forever, and it's certainly not the end of #MarigoldAtHome. Stay tuned for after our break for more news on that ✨

But we will be re-evaluating our hours and services when we reopen in September. We will just need to see what the situation is like then before we make any promises. 


:: the summer's best seats are at burgers + beats


Join us this Wednesday for the last date of our summer burger pop-up, Burgers + Beats! Rome's own Luca Quartarone will be spinning his vinyls to accompany your meat or veggie burger, twice-fried fries, and ice cream sandwiches, cocktails, beer and wine.

Last week we said we were going to change the ice cream sandwich. Well PSYCHE! our cookie dough ice cream sandwiches stay on to see another week! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so we thought: why change?

The ice cream is still packed between two dark syrup cookies. The cookies have been a hit themselves, so we'll have them in packs of 5 available in the Marigold Pantry.


What's [sizzling] on the Menu this week


:: sandwich of the day | photo credit: Rachel Zitin


// 12.5

Beef Bollito with Salsa Verde, Fresh Onions and Tomatoes, Pickled Cucumbers, and Aioli with Horseradish 

Juicy, tender beef from Il Poggio, stacked with fresh onions and tomatoes, and Domenico's pickled cucumbers. On one slice of bread, Domenico spreads on salsa verde, and on the other aioli with horseradish. It's a portable summer holiday between two slices of Marigold sourdough bread.

*served with a side bitter leaf salad and French vinaigrette. 


:: soup of the day


// 10.5

Soup of the Day - Gazpacho with Avocado

You didn't try Domenico's gazpacho with avocado last week? Don't miss your chance this week! He amps up his classic chilled tomato soup by blending in some fresh avocado, and adding lime juice in the herb oil he uses to dress it. The avocado gives the soup added creaminess and body.

Marigold pro tip: Chilled soups are the best to have around in the fridge for a quick lunch, dinner or snack later. Order a few of these for pick-up this week and you'll be covered all weekend!



// 14.5

Chicken Salad 

Domenico's chicken salad is a perennial staple on the lunch menu. Pan fried organic chicken from Il Poggio (which makes all the difference), roasted eggplant and chard, and dollops of his signature lupin sauce.


// 13

Summer Veggie Bowl

Have you been getting your veggies? The summer veggie bowl is a good way to get your daily value all in one place. Brown rice, quinoa, and chickpeas provide the foundation for all the tasty summer vegetables, like summer beetroots and fresh, local corn, shredded carrots, roasted cauliflower and avocado. The veggie bowl is lightly dressed with oil, salt and pepper.

Marigold pro tip: If you're headed out of town for the weekend, or just taking a trip to the beach on Thursday or Friday, drop by and pick up a summer veggie bowl for lunch!



// 13.5

Burrata, Fresh Figs, Cantaloupe, Basil

Doesn't get simpler: creamy burrata, sweet figs, juicy cantaloupe melon and fresh basil leaves from Domenico's urban garden. Each plays a critical role in the drama here.


// 12

Braised Beetroots, Grilled Peaches, Domenico's House-Made Smoked Cheese, Salsa Verde

We love summer beetroots (can you tell?), and we love to pair them with grilled peaches and something smokey (Domenico's smoked cheese adds the perfect creamy element). The dish is finished with dollops of salsa verde, made with parsley, red onion, capers and garlic.


// 12

Green Beans, Grilled Apricots, Hazelnuts, Tahini

Pimp your summer green beans with grilled apricots and hazelnuts. Tahini is made from sesame seeds and has an creamy, nutty flavor, which binds the hazelnuts, apricots and crisp green beans together beautifully.


// 12.5

Fresh, Summer Corn, Borlotti Beans, Tomatoes, Bottarga

We were so excited to get our hands on some local, organic corn from our friends at Zolle. Besides using it in the summer veggie bowl, we decided to add a fourth veggie dish to feature it: tossed together with summer-y borlotti beans and fresh, ripe tomatoes, and finished with a sprinkle of freshly shaved bottarga.



// 15.5

Roast Beef, Tomatoes, Olives 

Roast beef is a common go-to for us because it's a simple preparation that really highlights the quality of our organic beef from Il Poggio. After roasting it slowly in the oven with other vegetables, Domenico slices it thinly and serves with a roughly chopped olive tapenade and fresh tomatoes. During the summer, we serve this dish at room temperature since the weather in Rome is so 🔥.

Marigold pro tip: Order a few portions of the roast beef to pick up for a hassle-free dinner later or take it with you to the beach or park to enjoy al fresco with friends! Don't forget a loaf of Marigold sourdough and butter, and a bottle of natural wine - like the Ribelá Rosso (Lazio, Cesanese and Sangiovese) or Rabasco "Cancelli" (Abruzzo, Montepulciano) to pair with your roast beef.


Wanna be Entertainer of the Year?

You can always order Domenico's hummus (made from fresh chickpeas and tahini) and babaganoush (made from roasted eggplants). They make the best spreads for lunches, aperitivo and entertaining!



There's never been a better time
to stock up on your Marigold essentials! 


If you're heading out of town, shop the Marigold Pantry for the basics: loaves of sourdough and rye bread, Marigold butter, granola, cookies, pastries and cakes, beer and wine.


:: sweet dreams are made of this


// 6.5

Plum Crumble Tart

Sofie's plum crumble tart continues to take the main stage the last few weeks. Juicy, summer plums are cooked in one of her delicate, buttery tart shells and topped high with a rye crumble. The tart is served with a house-made créme fraîche which provides the right kind of creamy and tangy-ness to balance the rich tart. 

Marigold pro-tip: Order a few of these to pick-up and take with you to a friend's house for dinner. Not only will they make you look good, but they're the perfect finish to any summer meal - indoors or out.


:: photo credit: Annie Ojile


// 6.5

Ice Cream Sandwich*

This week the cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are up for yet another encore! These guys are the perfect balance of an indulgent dessert and cool, refreshing meal finisher. 

The ice cream is made with Sofie's chocolate chip cookie dough and the ice cream is then sandwiched between two sweet dark syrup cookies (a similar recipe to the ginger snaps, but in place of ginger Sofie uses a rich, dark sugar syrup from Denmark). 

*The cookies have been such a hit themselves were making packs of 5 available in the Marigold Pantry this week!



Looking for the perfect gift?


Take a gander at our Corner Shop for Marigold ceramics, one-of-a-kind cutting boards and other handmade wooden objects by our friends at ArtBrugi in Tuscany, a selection of books, aprons, napkins, and home decorations.

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